Is There Codependency in Your Marriage? with Kacia Ghetmiri

Is There Codependency in Your Marriage? with Kacia Ghetmiri

Are you wondering if you’re codependent in your marriage? Do you want to learn more about recognizing codependency in relationships? Then you must listen to the Butterfly Szn podcast episode featuring Kacia Ghetmiri!

Kacia is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and real estate investor who shares her personal journey of recognizing codependency in her marriage during a cocoon season. She and the host of Butterfly Szn discuss how personality reveals our biggest gifts and how it can also be a double-edged sword. They talk about how motivation fades, but discipline is what creates lasting change. This conversation is full of practical advice for building belief in oneself, being disciplined in small deposits daily, and understanding the importance of identity.

One of the most significant takeaways from this episode is the idea that how you want to be remembered is not about your accomplishments, but how you make people feel. This insight is powerful because it speaks to the importance of human connection, empathy, and love in our relationships.

The Butterfly Szn podcast is hosted by Aisha, who is also known as the ultimate hype woman. Aisha and Kacia have a genuine conversation that is both inspiring and relatable. You will feel like you are sitting with them at a coffee shop, listening to two friends chat about life.

If you’re someone who is looking for a podcast that offers practical tips, honest conversations, and a boost of motivation, then Butterfly Szn is the podcast for you. Each episode features a different guest who shares their personal story of transformation, healing, and growth. Aisha is an excellent host who knows how to ask the right questions and create a safe space for her guests to share openly.

In conclusion, if you’re curious about codependency, want to learn more about recognizing it in your relationship, or just want to listen to an inspiring conversation between two friends, then you must tune into the Butterfly Szn podcast episode with Kacia Ghetmiri. This episode is full of insights, practical tips, and motivation that will leave you feeling empowered to take on your own journey of growth and transformation. So, take a screenshot, share it on Instagram, tag Aisha and Kacia, rate and review the podcast, and keep listening to Butterfly Szn for more incredible stories of transformation.